The Schoolhouse Village

…where you’re part of a community



 Community Village Philosophy

We are a small village supporting over 55s who value their rights to independence, autonomy and privacy while benefitting from a personal approach and a rich sense of community…

our lovingly restored historic schoolhouse community centre

our lovingly restored historic schoolhouse community centre

Amenities & Activities

The Schoolhouse has been beautifully transformed into the Community Centre of the village, used by residents for recreation and social activities. Our residents view the Schoolhouse as an extension of their own home…



Our residents feel that our village is the perfect size. With only 50 homes available, you’ll soon get to know everyone, yet there are enough people to find truly binding friendships. Our residents, all over 55, are a like-minded group of people who enjoy the country life with amenities close by. Our Village is uncommon in that residents are welcome to continue working if they choose to. This gives you even greater flexibility over your lifestyle choices. We like to think of the village as a “pocket community.”


Health & Aged Care

We have a commitment to do everything possible to keep residents in their homes for as long as possible. We facilitate a Flexi-Care approach to assist our residents to stay healthy and happy in their own home, with the appropriate care provided by the external services of their choice, when and if required. We strive to keep couples together for the long term. You may be comforted to know only approx 8% of residents will ever go to nursing home and we try our best to make staying at home possible for longer.

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Pet Friendly

Residents are most welcome to have their pets move into the village with them. We understand the importance and benefits of companionship from animals. All pets need approval prior to entering the Village, and rules and guidelines must be followed to ensure the happiness of all residents.

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