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It's what we believe in…

You will find here a family based operator/owner that is extremely flexible and responsive to residents' individual needs.  We are not just one of the many cookie-cutter villages, within a large corporate group of multiple villages, where you can feel lost in a corporate process and procedure.  Residents here have the right to contribute ideas that can genuinely influence the direction of their community. The owners know all the residents of the village.  We are an intimate and personal village that responds to our residents' rights to dignity, support and privacy. At Maryborough School House Village, you feel like you're part of a community.

Equally important is our unique Flexi-Care Approach. Large corporate villages are simply unable to offer the kind of bespoke care and support that we can offer within our philosophy to have our residents 'age in place.'  Facilitating external support and care brought to residents in their homes, we are keeping couples with each other, together, long-term. 

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